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Ethan Gontar’s journey as a musician


Ethan Gontar is an Israeli musician. Before turning 26, he released a third single called “Wildest Dreams”. Before we talk about the single, we’re going to talk to Ethan a bit about his journey as a musician, his struggles, his ups and downs.

When did you discover that music was what you would like to do in your life?

Well, I know for sure that one of my earliest memories in life is with a musical instrument in my hand. My parents always wanted me to play music, and that’s what happened. I know that since I first touched the piano at the age of 6, it was love at first sight. After a few years I started getting bored and decided to try something different. my first guitar. Those were really my first years with music in my life.

Tell us more about the combination between them.

I started to learn the guitar on my own, then I went to music school. The final mark I got was 98 out of 100. I was happy. Then over the years I tried to combine guitar and piano, and I found all kinds of weird melodies. At least at the start. Slowly I started playing around with all sorts of computer software and was excited about every bit that came out of it. Every new track that came out, I got incredibly excited. I played my parents, my brother, my friends. Everyone got excited with me together.

Have you ever been told that it wasn’t for you?

Sure. I think every artist has those frustrating moments. But you just have to believe that everything will be fine. It sounds like a cliché, but believing in ourselves is very important.

How did you overcome those moments?

I just left that specific tune. I started composing more and more. I am a melody machine. Ha. But after a few days of waiting of course.

What characterizes you the most in the world of music?

I think melodies. I can compose 10 new melodies in 10 minutes. This is madness. I feel blessed with that. After working with many artists in my life, it was only then that I realized that I was lucky to have this talent.

And you today?

These days I released my third single, ‘Wildest Dreams’.

I didn’t write this song alone, but with my good friend Shay Vagner. I mainly compose the melodies, and he helps with the writing. The song was such a hit for us that we will probably continue to work on other songs together.

Official music video on Youtube:

How is this song different from your other songs?

This song is slow. Slow and powerful. My previous single is called ‘Say Goodbye’, and it’s very rhythmic in the electro-pop style. I try to touch as many genres as possible. This song was also released with a music video where we are seen performing it. I recommend listening to the song along with the music video.

And after?

Create as much as possible.

My greatest passion is to create. I really like the sea. I go there a lot with my guitar, and compose new melodies. Whoever looks the most interesting to me wins. Then, the road to the studio is very short from the sea, and there the magic happens.

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