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Enter the festival season | Music


As Labor Day approaches, the season when people want to go out and party is also coming.

The fall months are the best times of the festival as the weather (we hope!) Becomes more pleasant. And after a pandemic year, which has seen most major fall events canceled or radically redesigned, this year the fall calendar is full of festivities that celebrate both international and home-grown cultures, or feature music from blues to bluegrass, from jazz to heavy metal.

But, if there’s one thing that ties all the festivals planned for this fall together, it’s the simple phrase: “Subject to change.

As much as everyone wants things to get back to ‘normal’, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat, and the organizers of these festivals are doing what they can to make sure their events can run in a way that guarantee, as much as is humanly possible. , the safety of all participants, even if it means changing their plans.

A few weeks ago, the organizers of the Greek festival in Tulsa were preparing for the type of festival they have held for the past 60 years, with most of the events taking place inside the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, 1222 S. Guthrie Ave.

Then, as cases of COVID in Oklahoma and elsewhere began to increase, organizers decided to rework the festival.

On the festival’s Facebook page, organizers said, “In light of growing health concerns in Oklahoma, we are combining our popular drive-thru model with the exciting entertainment of our traditional festival. “