Home Musician Eddie Zar – A highly skilled and up-and-coming EDM producer, artist and musician striving to become a famous face with his next massive hits

Eddie Zar – A highly skilled and up-and-coming EDM producer, artist and musician striving to become a famous face with his next massive hits


A highly skilled musician, Eddie Zar strives to become the premier entertainer.

Growing up as a music fanatic and listening to all genres of music, Eddie Zar began to develop a love and passion for EDM, having an ear for melodies and beats. From the first years of his life, he began to be inclined to create his music and dreamed of becoming a rising face of fame in the United States. Over the years, Eddie Zar has honed his skills and is currently recognized as one of the finest electronic dance music producers, artists and musicians in his state. Eddie Zar started making beats and looping sound sessions in 1998, but soon got stuck in the hassles of life. Later, he decided to reawaken his passion and love for music by producing masterpieces again in 2016. During the pandemic, he had the opportunity to focus on himself and his passion, devoting his time and energy to honing his skills while learning how to cut. state-of-the-art musical techniques of the present day.

As a music enthusiast, Eddie Zar draws inspiration from Armin van Buuren, Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Tiesto when writing songs. He currently has over 50 unreleased music tracks, and he wants to release a song for his fans every week. Additionally, Ed Zar’s analytical skills allow him to figure out when to release the song and how to overcome difficult situations with actionable decisions and action plans. Since effective networking can be beneficial for any up-and-coming artist, Eddie Zar makes diligent efforts to establish vital networking with show organizers and music agencies that can have a massive impact on his musical career.

“I was creating songs for fun that I could listen to in my car. When my friends and family finally heard my music, they said I should release my songs for everyone to enjoy. said Eddie Zar.

Having strong adaptability and perseverance has added practicality in his life, and thus he is ready to face any challenges that may come his way without giving up on his goals. He has a determined mindset and works tirelessly to wow his fans with his upcoming music tracks comprised of techno, drum and bass, progressive house, progressive trance, future rave, dubstep, and trance music. Additionally, as Eddie Zar has all the relevant attributes of an easy-going person, he is well regarded in the EDM music industry and has created beats and songs for some of the most esteemed and well-known artists. of the EDM and Hip-Hop world. .

Besides being a music lover, Eddie Zar has a zeal for snowboarding and enjoys practicing martial arts. He is an inspiration to so many who are striving to achieve their goals. Due to his zealous and determined mindset, Eddie Zar has caught the attention of many renowned producers and artists in the music industry. He is ready to play at all music festivals, especially the Ultra Music Festival (UMF) in Miami, Florida, and the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. His songs are available on several platforms, including YouTube and Spotify.

For more information, click on the website, https://eddiezar.com/about/.

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