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Doxim accelerates the digital banking experience with new self-service and messaging capabilities



The new version of the CEM platform allows financial institutions to offer more personalized moments in a digital relationship

Doxim, a leader in customer engagement management (CEM) software and services, announced the general availability of its Fall 2020 release, with innovative new features available for user-assisted account creation, creation of user-assisted loan, CRM and self-service account. and the Origin of the Loan.

New features in the release help create a better omnichannel customer experience, so financial institutions can evolve into a more digital and empowered future. Key features include a feature that allows staff to initiate two-way service conversations with customers through their preferred channel, as well as self-service account creation and checkout tools for customers. Other innovations improve efficiency, streamline interfaces with employees, and reduce processing bottlenecks, so banks and credit unions can focus on scaling up while delivering an experience. exceptional.

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“It is well known that customer expectations are changing at an accelerating rate, which is why Doxim is partnering with financial institutions to meet these ever-changing needs,” said Doxim vice president of product Sean Kennelly. . “In this release, we’ve added new features, such as secure 1: 1 SMS, email, and original self-service options to enhance customer engagement and convenience. Behind the scenes, we’re integrating automation to increase efficiency, ease the burden on staff, and make scaling painless. Our vision is that customers will use Doxim’s engagement solutions to transform and grow digitally, while keeping the customer relationship at the heart of everything they do.

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Key improvements include:

Two-way email and text messaging

Available for User-Assisted Account Creation, User-Assisted Loan Creation, and Doxim’s CRM, this capability allows staff members to connect with customers securely, through the channels they most prefer. As branch visits decline, this 1: 1 messaging capability will allow organizations to improve the way they support customers remotely.

Self-service account and loan origination

The recently announced self-service account creation and checkout module is also included in the fall release of Doxim’s CEM platform. With the arrival of this module, the capabilities of Doxim’s account creation and loan solutions have been extended with self-service functionality. Now customers can open less complex deposit and loan products in less than 5 minutes, and will soon be able to generate more complex credit applications such as mortgages and commercial products.

New original APIs

Doxim continues its API strategy by releasing the first set of Doxim authoring APIs for user-assisted loan creation and user-assisted account creation. Financial institutions can use these new APIs to integrate other systems, both third-party and local, with Doxim Origination, creating a holistic origination platform for their organization.

Intelligent, configurable workflows

CRM can now trigger intelligent workflows when creating a new engagement. These workflows have been made easier to manage so that they can be configured by the financial institution to meet its specific needs. Now, financial institutions can apply a consistent approach to routine tasks, so that customer service interactions run quickly and efficiently. For example, the new functionality allows banks and credit unions to create follow-up engagements with workflows for discontinued applications and initiate a recovery process, so leads are never cold.

Improved condition monitoring

Doxim User-Assisted Loan Origination now includes improved functionality so that loan terms can be followed in a more structured way. Lenders can choose from a list of conditions, which can be tracked and reported, so that the financial institution has a record of who recognized each condition, as well as a status and change log. Users will not be able to upload the application to the basic banking system if any of the loan conditions are not met or completed, improving loan compliance.

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