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Donovan Mitchell honors Aaron Lowe in training


Last week, tragedy struck Utah as Utah Utes defensive back Aaron Lowe was shot and killed at a house party, and Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell honored his legacy at the of a diffused team scrum. Instead of donning his typical 45, Spida wore Lowe’s 22 as a tribute to the young man’s life which was horribly cut short.

“I wanted to pay tribute,” Mitchell told reporters after practice.

“I wore it to Vegas a few times.”

Sadly, the Utah Utes are no strangers to tragedy. Earlier this year, Utes backer Ty Jordan was also shot. Aaron Lowe is committed to carrying on his legacy. Instead, he became another victim of senseless gun violence.

In fact, Lowe was the first recipient of the Ty Jordan Memorial Scholarship and raised his own number from 2 to 22 to honor his childhood friend. For him to lose his young life in the same way is too cruel a stroke of fate to be imagined.

Mitchell wore 22 when training for the Utah Jazz in an effort to preserve Lowe’s legacy. Currently, the family of the deceased soccer player has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to provide Lowe with a proper memorial service.

“We want to give Aaron the memorial he deserves, to honor his memory and respect for his life. I am currently asking for donations to help cover the costs of Aaron’s funeral. We need to raise as much as $ 15,000 to pay for the funeral service ”.

It’s hard to write about death without resorting to clichés, but the passing of these two young men truly is every parent’s worst nightmare. Their memories should be a driving force in every Utah sporting event this year, including every Utah Jazz home game.

As a rule of thumb, we don’t cover such serious issues in J-Notes. However, it is of paramount importance that fans of Utah Jazz, and Utah sports in general, preserve the memory of these two young men. Kudos to Donovan Mitchell for doing just that.

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