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Donovan Mitchell deleted Utah Jazz from his Twitter bio amid trade rumors


Donovan Mitchell is the biggest name left in the market, multiple teams have reportedly been involved in trying to land a deal for him. The New York Knicks were considered favorites throughout the process, and indeed, they remain in the strongest position to acquire Mitchell. They announced a huge extension for RJ Barrett on Monday, and there were some concerns about what that meant for their pursuit of Mitchell, but it looks like they could still acquire custody of Jazz.

The question has long been what Mitchell wants to do, there were whispers earlier in the season that he could even stick around for a quick rebuild. His interest in playing for New York and Miami was also reported, so those destinations were talked about the most when discussing trade scenarios. But in the end, the man himself did not openly say much about his future.

However, he recently dropped a huge hint about how he currently feels on Twitter. Mitchell, who despite all the speculation and the Rudy Gobert trade hadn’t revealed anything, apparently removed the Utah Jazz from his bio on Twitter on Tuesday.

Old biography: “Be humble. Former Louisville Guard #L1C4…Utah Jazz Guard.”

New biography: “Be humble.”

By itself, that wouldn’t be considered a big deal, it’s not like a potential move is a secret at this point. But maybe that signals just how imminent a deal for Mitchell is. Brian Windhorst recently revealed that Utah wanted to trade Mitchell before the start of training camp for next season. Training camp doesn’t start until the end of September, so there’s still time, but with the market for All-Stars reportedly thinning, perhaps a deal could be done sooner than expected.

The biggest problem in a deal according to insiders was the massive asking price that Danny Ainge imposed on Mitchell. The All-Star is a valuable asset and a terrific player, but he doesn’t have the playoff success to justify the sheer haul the Jazz demand. And if Mitchell himself is now ready to make the move, as the removal of the Jazz’s name from his social media bio suggests, it could reduce Utah’s influence and force them to make a trade sooner. .