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Do TikTok users care about jazz? The Montreux Jazz Festival thinks so


The famous Montreux Jazz Festival has teamed up with TikTok for a series of live performances by new and emerging artists.

A guest post via CelebrityAccess

The Montreux Jazz Festival (MJF) has announced a UK and European partnership with TikTok around a new initiative, MJF Spotlight. The initiative was launched in 2021 by MJF to support new and emerging artists and new music in the form of content creation and live performances.

MJF will release a series of live performances on the TikTok platform under the name, The road to Montreux. In addition, TikTok has been named official partner of the MJF 2022 and will also send creators and talents to the Lake Geneva event this summer. The road to Montreux will feature six live showcases of emerging artists throughout the year which will be streamed live via TikTok and MJF’s own channels. By working together, they will identify rising stars in the music industry and provide them with a platform to reach new audiences. Selected artists will be offered the chance to perform on the MJF Spotlight stage at the 2002 festival. MJF Spotlight is not just jazz as it touches all genres of music including R&B, hip-hop, pop , electro and more.

Nick Bonard, CEO of Montreux Media Ventures, said via press release: “Like TikTok, we are passionate about music. Building on the Festival’s heritage of supporting young artists, MJF Spotlight offers new talent a physical and digital platform to showcase their music to new audiences. Together, TikTok and MJF Spotlight can speed up the artist discovery process through entertaining and engaging content. We are very happy to find new artists to showcase through MJF Spotlight this year.

The Montreux Jazz Festival will be back on Lake Geneva for its 56th edition from July 1 to 16. You can access more information on their official website HERE.