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Destroyer releases new song “Somnambulist Blues” featuring Sandro Perri


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Dan Bejar (Destroyer) has shared a new song called “Somnambulist Blues”, enlisting the Toronto-based composer and producer Sandro Perry for help with the instrumental. This is the first episode of a new season of Mexican Summer’s Mirror series, which will also feature tracks from Fauzia, earth frogClaire Rousay and Helena Deland in the coming weeks, plus visuals from the Brooklyn artist Sam Ryser and a limited-edition fashion line.

“Somnambulist Blues” is a slow, wandering song that combines hypnotic pipe organ with a majestic double bass pinch, the deep howl of primitive woodwind and, occasionally, a few spatial synth chords. These elements form the perfect wetland for Bejar to roam, hazy phrases flowing from his open mouth. “Peter Greenaway breeds contempt from his viewers / Peter Greenaway wrote a song about prostitutes,” he sings at one point – not his only reference to the Welsh director during the six-and-a-half-minute epic. “It wasn’t worth it / He shouldn’t have done that.” It can be hard to find meaning in the muck of lyrics like these, but it will always be fun to listen to Bejar’s free associate.

“I return to Sandro’s music as something to sing about at pivotal times in my life in music,” Bejar said in a statement accompanying the release of the new single. “There’s something about the landscape that Sandro presents – it’s a world in which things immediately become singable. Lots of room to walk around, and it’s all good.

Béjar released their 13th album, labrynthitis, in March and joined Alex Robert Ross to discuss it on the 42nd episode of The FADER Interview. Listen to “Somnambulist Blues” below.

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