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Destiny 2’s worst enemy isn’t Savathun, they’re blue drops



Reset the clock I’m complaining about the blue drops again in Destiny 2.

I will stop once this fixes, but despite Bungie being very, very responsive to all kinds of player concerns and implemented countless quality of life fixes on a larger scale than this over the years in Destiny 2, I remain absolutely stumped. the game handled the blue drops. As in, they haven’t handled them at all.

Blues. The bane of my existence in Destiny 2. Currently I’m watching 1500 Dawning Essence, which I don’t want to turn into cookies as it will drown my blues inventory and fill up my Postmaster every few minutes. Running activities will get you at least 4-5 blue drops per run, then in playlists you will get two more at the end, just because. Even though they take about two seconds to take apart, I guess I’ve spent several days of my life in Destiny 2 taking the blues apart due to their prevalence and usefulness.

And this is the pair of problems, prevalence and uselessness.

Destiny 2 was a different kind of loot game. In its early days, you slowly went from white items to greens, blues, legendary purples, and then rare yellow exotics. Most looter players are familiar with this progression, but it got lost over time.

Now, there’s basically only one type of drop that matters, the Legendaries. You’re looking for different stats and perks on armor and weapons respectively, and that’s basically the alone loot hunting. Exotics are usually obtained as a result of a series of quests or a very, very specific activity (Legendary Lost Sectors, Raids). Blues exist in this system and yet serve no functional purpose.

The only argument I hear is that the blues serves to level down lower level characters. Fine, but this process takes about, what, an hour before you start getting Legendary Drops on a regular basis? And these days, “blue leveling” is only really relevant if you have a character that is literally starting from scratch, or a set with a wide power gap. And that still doesn’t mean that frequently offered solutions like self-dismantling blues at the soft power cap level (since then they are no longer useful for leveling at all) would not work in the current system.

I’ve talked a lot about “trash loot” before, as we see it in many other games of the genre, where there can be heaps and heaps of white-green-blue-purple loot on the floor, but Destiny is quite unique in that it forces it’s up to you to collect everything. If you hit a bruise, it goes into your inventory. If you have deliberately to avoid hitting a bruise, it goes to your postmaster, which is even riskier, given that it could kick out some change or valuables you have stored there. Games like Diablo, The Division, or Borderlands have trash loot all over the place, but you have to manually choose to pick it up, and if you don’t, it doesn’t go to your poster designer (only very rare loot does). In other games that more or less To do Forces you to pick up trash loot (Genshin Impact), which is easily inserted into better items for upgrades. The same can’t be said for the one weapon part and the 100 Gleams you get for manual blues dismantling.

What’s frustrating about this situation is that the fixes seem so basic. Any or all of the following would significantly improve the situation:

  • Have a manual option to automatically dismantle the blues (Destiny 1 had it for the greens)
  • Do not send blues to the postmaster for any reason.
  • Have a mass teardown button for the blues (Outriders has that)
  • Don’t drop the blues at all (or self-dismantle) if a player has hit the soft cap for the season (Avengers has a version of this)
  • Take the blues out of the game entirely and leave the leveling to the legendaries (there are more than enough legendary drop sources to accommodate this, even for new players)

Again, I would even take a of those being implemented, and a few of them would probably solve the problem completely. It’s weird, because I actually think Bungie is great at addressing gamer concerns about quality of life features. But this bluesy issue has been going on since launch, and in some ways since Destiny 1, and it remains overwhelmingly boring.

Destiny evolved beyond needing the blues as a rarity level a long time ago, and I’d rather see one of those fixes implemented that Destiny bend over backwards to try and make the blues relevant again ( Luke Smith said something similar a while ago, but nothing has changed). The most significant progress they’ve made with the Blue Drops over the past year has been … the addition of a blue bow and machine gun. Sigh.

My war on the blues continues. Thank you for joining me in this fight. Together we can beat the blue.

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