Home Musician Comedian, musician and artist Salice Rose finds joy in making her 40 million social media followers laugh and in overcoming dark places

Comedian, musician and artist Salice Rose finds joy in making her 40 million social media followers laugh and in overcoming dark places


Although her debut video, “Late Night Thoughts,” has now garnered over 12 million views, it is her “Coming Out Story” upload that is her most-watched entry to date.

Salice Rose is a multi-caesura designer who does more than make people laugh, she changes mentalities and atmospheres. There is a disarming confidence in her coupled with a refreshing honesty reflected in her online presence which has amassed over 40 million organic followers across all her social media platforms. The 27-year-old California native is driven by the belief that comedy is healing and inspiring.

The macro influencer has developed a wickedly sharp sense of humor in the face of her own childhood trauma, which has honed her emotional intelligence to understand what people need while simultaneously giving them what they want. which, in his view, is laughter and tough love. His forward-thinking and original thinking is what makes his improvised material so magical. Between the punch lines, she also hits her audience with doses

of motivation and applicable nuggets of truth. This is what puts it in a category of its own. Salice is known for not repeating her material or writing anything, possessing the ability to produce unique content at breakneck speed to keep up with demand.

For Salice, social media is home. This is where she is most comfortable and accepted. What started as an outlet to be part of a community nearly a decade ago has evolved into an intentionally curated space for people who want to feel safe and be heard. As her diverse followers follow her every digital move to bask in the light of her bright, bubbly presence, Salice hasn’t always been in the spotlight. Using laughter as a coping mechanism, his personality was shaped by being a shadow brother.

Raised by a single mother of Peruvian descent, Salice often draws on her rich cultural heritage to deliver unscripted comedy skits in Spanish and English that resonate with her global community. Whether she’s using everyday realities as teachable moments or taking something traumatic and making it silly, her unique and engaging personality acts as a buffer against depression and despair. Over the years, Salice has encountered supporters who credit her platform with saving their lives.

I started dating in 2019 and had the pleasure of meeting so many of my fans and their parents. It was so special and also super moving. They cried when I hugged them. They would tell me that their child had not committed suicide because of something I had said or done that had lifted their spirits. Some have told me that I helped them get out of depression or get over their divorce. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to be able to help someone find their strength and heal.

In 2014, when Salice had developed a strong following on Instagram, she turned to YouTube, launching her own channel where she continues to document more personal aspects of her life and amassed over 71 cumulative views. Although his first video, “Late night thoughts“, has now garnered over 12 million views, that was her”Release story” upload which is his most viewed entry to date. From revealing details about her military school background where she navigated her sexuality to being involved in a toxic and abusive relationship, Salice’s transparency is what has earned her admiration and trust. of his loyal supporters. Her candor pushes fans to think differently about their own lives.

An international phenomenon, Salice is acutely aware of the enormous influence she wields over her tribe, but she chooses to use her power for the greater good of humanity. Giving her growing audience unparalleled attention, she intuitively knows what’s wrong with their world and helps fix it. As an industry exception, Salice is not shy about taking risks and stretching beyond the confines of a single career path. The exotic bombshell is evolving her brand and empire to include lineups in the worlds of beauty, fashion, fitness, music, dance and film. The superhuman, who works seven days a week, does not set limits to her talent and remains an open vessel to let ideas flow.