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Blues notebook: Better late than never for Armstrong on COVID list relief policy | Blues de Saint-Louis


Blues general manager Doug Armstrong speaks to the media on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at the Enterprise Center. Photo by Colter Peterson, [email protected]

Replacing NHL players lost to COVID will no longer have implications for the salary cap according to plans finalized by the league on Sunday.

Blues general manager Doug Armstrong just wishes the plan was in place weeks ago, when the Blues were among the first teams in the league to lose players due to positive COVID tests.

“Obviously I was in favor maybe six or eight weeks ago,” Armstrong said. “I think it’s the right thing to do. I think COVID is its own animal; it is in no way related to hockey. So I think with the rules that are in place now, we’re going to guarantee 18 skaters, or try to guarantee 18 skaters and two goalies per night. And I think it’s positive for the league and for the fans.

Under what are known as the revised Emergency Exception Rules, if a team would otherwise be unable to dress 12 forwards and six defensemen for a game due to COVID, they can promote an American League player from hockey cap without ramifications as long as that player’s cap count is less than $ 1 million.

Additionally, the same “exception” cap is available if a team is missing two goaltenders for any reason.

“Once we found out that the vaccines didn’t work to prevent COVID – they just alleviated the severity of it – I thought it was appropriate to make the decision earlier,” said Armstrong. “But I think with the number of cases lately, teams weren’t going to be able to put competitive teams (on the ice)… And that’s not good for the game. So I’m happy. .

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