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Blues deconstructed by Some Nicholson


May 31 saw the release of Drop Down Mama, the debut album by celebrated Canadian painter David Nicholson and his musical associates.

PIERMONT, NY, USA, June 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Free media server:


Available as a deluxe gatefold vinyl album from Posh Boy Records/Radiation Records (https://shop.radiationrecords.net/).

As digital of all major services.

Don Draper chose it for his Spotify playlist:

“I like this one even more – stripped down and stripped down to the core. Soulful lyrics and atmosphere. I’ll put it on my Best Female Vocals playlist…”


“Nice track with authentic sound and emotional vocals!”

Lou Brutus made “Love in Vain” a featured track on BB King’s Bluesville on

David Nicholson was born in Montreal in 1970. His career began at Artists Space in New York in 2002 and he now lives and works in Berlin, where he is represented by the Michael Haas Gallery. In 2018, Nicholson decided to assert a musical stance based on his lifelong love for the blues by producing a vinyl album, reminiscent of 1970s LP records. The recording took place in his paint studio, invoking the minimalist spirit of field recordings, rendered with modern technology. This approach set the parameters for the project which later expanded to include a recording made on site at Freiberg Cathedral, home to a Baroque masterpiece, Gottfried Silbermann’s organ. To help bring his vision to fruition, Nicholson assembled an ensemble of 12 musicians and singers, including famed jazz organist Brian Charette, trumpeter Christoph Titz, and guitar maestro and sound engineer Thomas Büchel. The results speak for themselves. Sit back and immerse yourself in a musical adventure and note that the creators of the album advise that this LP disc is best enjoyed with a bottle of Chinon 2018.

Accent Tracks: “Love in Vain” (Blues)
“Jackson” (country)
“Baby I’m Gonna Leave You (Modern Blues)

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