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Bleacher Report’s Recently Proposed Business Idea Assessment for Utah Jazz


Despite an uneven 2021-22 NBA season so far, the Utah Jazz are undeniably contenders for the NBA Championship. Bleacher Report obviously knows this, and so they included the Jazzmen in a recent article proposing a business idea for each NBA competitor accordingly.Often, fans of NBA teams band together in hypothetical exchanges. It is quite understandable. If a fan isn’t attached to the players on their team, are they really a fan?

At the same time, here’s a comparison with reality: in the NBA, exchanges take place. In fact, they happen frequently. On a related note, Bleacher Report may well have put together a decent one for the Utah Jazz:

Utah Jazz adds depth of guard

This Bleacher Report business suggestion finds the Jazz swapping hyper-athletic but crude tall man Udoka Azubuike for a promising young point guard at Tre Jones. It’s not the flashiest trade you’ll see on the internet (or even in this Bleacher Report article), but it has the potential to benefit both parties involved. We certainly love it for Utah Jazz.

In case you missed it, we think pretty strongly that the Jazz could use another guard. While Jones is young and inexperienced, a dive into his statistical profile suggests he might be ready to contribute more immediately than Azubuike.

So far in his NBA career, Jones has averaged 7.4 assists per 100 possessions and just 2.1 turnovers. It’s an excellent report. It also makes Jones a great protégé for Mike Conley. Jones has also shown the potential to space the floor: he’s only 3-for-8 so far in his young NBA career, but he shot 46.1 percent from 3.7 attempts per game in his second season at Duke.

If there’s a reason to turn this business down, it’s the presence of promising Utah Jazz rookie Jared Butler. Hopefully, adding a second-year point guard to the roster won’t hurt his confidence. At the same time, Jones’ extra year of NBA experience could position him to make a more immediate contribution to a contending Utah Jazz team.

At the expense of a player who apparently won’t find time in Quin Snyder’s rotation this season, it should be worth finding out.

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