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Big news on musician THEAMBERSMOKE’s sequel


THEAMBERSMOKE has made moves in the industry that upgrade it in a huge way.

After her single “Money Orders” landed some of the biggest hip-hop playlists on Spotify, she announced that weeks later she would be dropping a visual. Keep in mind that Amber is involved in every part of her visual process. From processing to writing, directing, editing, choreography, makeup and beyond. By understanding the extent of her artistic involvement, we truly understand how hard this artist works behind the scenes.

Along with releasing a single, pushing it hard, and getting ready for the release of this music video, she announced some other major news that surprised her fans everywhere:

THEAMBERSMOKE will perform, sing and rap (yes all three), in this upcoming Christmas hit, “A Miracle Before Christmas”.

The music for this film is produced by legend Marc E. Williams and features some of the biggest players in the industry such as LeToya Luckett, Romeo Miller and Keith David. It is directed by the famous Lazreal Lison. We won’t be surprised if Amber Smoke’s name soon finds itself at the same level of these stars – if not beyond.

We don’t see many artists evolve that quickly. She reminds us a bit of Cardi B’s meteoric rise just a few years ago.

Fans are drooling over the music video “Money Orders” – as well as its upcoming single to be released on all platforms. With the way Amber is moving, we have no doubt that her next single will be coming very soon and will be bigger than anything she’s done so far. Those are big shoes to fill, but Amber does it regularly. Check out the Deadline article on the movie she’ll be in below: