Home Musician BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL advises young musicians: “Don’t start a band”

BEHEMOTH’s NERGAL advises young musicians: “Don’t start a band”


It is true that the individual’s chances of breaking into the music industry as a performer are slim to none. Still, that didn’t stop future jukebox heroes from chasing their dreams. That said, Freak’s Nergal has a little advice for young musicians — who stare at posters of their heroes on their bedroom walls — who dream of becoming superstars: don’t start a band.

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In a recent interview with Chaoszin, Nergal I’m not even kidding here. Don’t. The world is overwhelmed with bands, records with albums. There’s really no room there for anything. There are too many tours, there are too many shows.

“People don’t have – and will have less and less money. So all touring is suffering. Do you really want to put another song on another album that no one will pay attention to? No, you don’t. -y, get a real job. Finish college, travel and enjoy life, don’t do this.

You can check out the full interview featuring Nergal‘s comforting advice above. Whereas Nergal makes a fair point (painfully logical), some people are just born to rock and that’s how it is. After all, a star is born every minute! And why not give it a shot? Hobbies can become anything.

Although on the other hand, there is also the cold truth of how much music there is these days. A recent report showed that Spotify has officially surpassed the 100,000 daily downloaded songs mark, and according to Universal Music Group‘s executive vice president of digital strategy. Michael Nash in a recent earnings call, most of the music uploaded to Spotify floats a bit in a largely ignored vacuum. So is it worth trying knowing all this? Sure! What do you have to lose?

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