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Backstage partners with Sun & Snow festival as crypto makes its way to music festivals


(Sierra Nevada, Spain; January 16, 2022): In the wings just announced their latest partnership. They team up with the Sun and snow festival, a music and snow sports festival that takes place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in southern Spain.

This partnership is a big step towards merging the festival and crypto industries.

A boon for crypto and festivals

Through this cooperation, Backstage will play a major role at Sun & Snow by serving as a crypto partner for festival tickets and merchandising. Since Backstage intends to implement blockchain in the event industry, this partnership cements the ties between two industry players and will advance the interests of both companies.

The main benefit for Backstage is that its project can gain greater visibility in the event industry, especially among artists, athletes, fans, event operators, advertisers and other key players. . Backstage’s presence at Sun & Snow should help legitimize crypto in the eyes of the general population, who typically don’t know much about how blockchain works or what it is. This should help people understand how cryptocurrencies work and how the Behind the scenes ecosystem works.

Featuring live music, snow sports, resort activities, and more, the Sun & Snow Festival will also serve as a proof of concept for the Backstage platform and their BKS token. This will be the first time that the company’s NFT ticketing and merchandise system will be tested on a large scale. A successful event should definitely attract the attention of other events, artists, agencies, fans and investors.

For the Sun & Snow Festival, benefits include the ability to use blockchain and Backstage systems to ensure their ticketing and merchandise payment processing operates more efficiently and seamlessly. Using Backstage’s NFT ticketing technology, Sun & Snow can also simplify sales and reduce counterfeiting.

This cooperation will also allow Sun & Snow to use the Backstage NFT platform to sell add-ons during the event. Sun & Snow and artists at the event may use NFTs to sell merchandise, albums, future concert tickets, and more. This will help generate more revenue for the festival and artists while giving fans more intimate access to their favorite DJs, skiers and other athletes and artists.

While guests enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Backstage will further enhance their experience, sometimes without their knowledge. As a world-renowned festival, Sun & Snow has the opportunity to propel Backstage into the spotlight around the world.

Like most music festivals, Sun & Snow promises to bring people from all over Europe and the world. Many locals will also attend the festival, both from the Sierra Nevada mountains and the rest of Spain. Together with the festival participants, Backstage will also have the opportunity to interact with the artists.

The Sun & Snow Festival features both local and world-class DJs, giving Backstage the opportunity to bring them into the STAGE platform. This will give artists more freedom to retain their intellectual property with access to Backstage’s NFT Minting and Marketplace.

Crypto hears call from events industry

The partnership with the Sun & Snow Festival also allows Backstage to understand how to improve its commercial crypto portfolio for companies in the event industry – currently a $1.135 trillion market. Once live, the BKS Crypto Wallet for Businesses will allow businesses and event operators like Sun & Snow to have a more transparent view and better control of their finances. The Backstage team will use the Sun & Snow event as an opportunity to study how the wallet can perform during such an event.

The events industry is inherently risky and it has suffered greatly from the COVID-19 pandemic. While some restrictions are being lifted, others are being reimplemented with the rise of variants like Omicron. Things seem quite uncertain.

This means it’s hard to come up with the money to start an event if you don’t already have great wealth. By using Backstage, event organizers can get paid as their tickets sell, keeping things much smoother.

One of the main problems with obtaining financing in this sector is that banks and funds are reluctant to support companies that they consider to be high risk. This creates an opportunity for Backstage, with which companies can completely overhaul their finances and investment models. Backstage plans to have Launchpad for event funding soon.

The Backstage and Sun & Snow partnership marks the beginning of a change that will provide additional financial freedom for event planners, as well as a better way to manage events. With Backstage’s partnership with Sun & Snow, the events industry has begun its evolution towards a more efficient, transparent and profitable future.

As the Sun & Snow slogan says, crypto has heard the call of the mountain.

About behind the scenes

In the wings is fueling the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the event and entertainment industries. From funding and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage will lead the events industry towards a more sustainable, profitable and equitable future.

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About the Sun & Snow Festival

The 2022 Sun & Snow Festival takes place in the Sierra Nevada mountain range from April 1-3. The festival will unite music and snow sports enthusiasts in one big event. The event ground is divided into three parts, with the main stage being a transparent tent where you will find the headliners.

The festival’s second space is designed for a more family-friendly atmosphere, allowing attendees to bring their children so they can enjoy additional performances. Beyond that is the Zona Après-Ski, where guests can enjoy more music and demonstrations from professional skiers and snowboarders.

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