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Ali Fazal on lending his voice to animated film and helping the needy during lockdown

Ali Fazal, who tries to raise funds for the needy, says things won’t change until our education system, our thinking process and our social conditioning change.

For Ali Fazal, the confinement It was a time of self-education and introspection. “I realized that, for the most part, the ego is what pulls us down and that comes from a feeling of incompleteness. We meet people with a lot of baggage and it ruins relationships. We have to correct ourselves, tackle the traumas and the problems that make us face the world like this again, ”he philosophizes, admitting that he has learned to cook, survive on his own and clean up his own mess for a while. downtime. “I also wrote a lot because I didn’t always want to depend on writers to translate my ideas to paper. As an actor, you have to know the basics of writing, singing and dancing, ”he says.

The forced break and the ensuing crisis reminded Ali of his difficult days when, at the end of the month, he was out of money. “I had to start saving and finally understood the value of our parents’ sacrifices. It was the heroes of the middle class who provided for us, but we tend to forget that now because we have access to most things most of the time, ”he sighs.

The actor, for his part, has tried to raise funds to help those in need during these difficult times. As part of a campaign, he donated the money saved on cars parked in the garage to support his staff. It was also the result of a heartbreaking video of a housekeeper, who had not been paid since April and was struggling to make ends meet. “It’s a reminder that Covid-19 was not brought here by them, but by the wealthy who came into contact with the virus while traveling. What happened is unfortunate and unfortunate, but why should they suffer, ”retorts the actor who has quietly helped people without crying. “It’s not that I have a problem with those who make it a huge production; as long as people are helped, nothing else matters, ”Ali insists.

He believes that things will not change until our educational system, our collective thought process, and our social conditionings change. “We are affected too quickly and forget even faster,” he emphasizes. “I don’t have an answer either, I’m just trying to ask the right question.”

A step in this direction is to lend your voice to an animated film, Tasveer, which uses satire to get people to be more empathetic. “It’s not poetry because that would make it arty and pretentious. It’s more like a scream, ”says Ali, sharing that the effort started as a couplet by writer-director Ashutosh Pathak, written as an apology after seeing moving images of the suffering of migrant workers. “He sent it to me to read it and I saved it to my phone. I wanted my reaction to be organic and it’s wonderful to see how my voice was then supported with music and visuals for added impact.

The whole experience was orchestrated by video calls and Ali admits it would have been easy to be judgmental. “If Gandhiji returns, I will accept his sermons; but we are not him, so there is no point in giving gyaan, ”he said dryly, pointing out that the conversations that we, as privileged people, have sat in the comfort of our living rooms, or the thoughts we send out on social media, will not change the lives of those affected. “Our film has no agenda, it’s just an observation that if the farmer who provides us with food is hungry, then it’s a sad situation,” he concludes.

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