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Album Review: Daniel Bachman // Lonesome Weary Blues


3 out of 5 stars

Tri-lobe auxiliary

If you already know Daniel Bachman, then you know exactly what to expect sonically. The prolific guitarist is known for the retro folk of his acoustic and lap-steel instrumentals. With seven titles at 24 minutes, Lonely Tired Blues serves as the ideal entry point into Bachman’s catalog. A musical scholar, Bachman is academically invested in the folk history of Virginia. Lonely Tired Blues presents it in perhaps its most accessible form, as it is an album of covers of traditional folk songs. Although the only track that everyone saura is the closest, “Amazing Grace”, where Bachman’s invigorating playing style is clearly all the listener needs to be wrapped up in. “These are songs that constantly bring me joy as I listen to them, learn them, and play them around the house,” Bachman noted, adding that they “really helped soften some of the hardest days of life. the last two years”. It’s a beautiful album, one that can easily inspire the listener to binge on Bachman’s substantial oeuvre, whether for work-appropriate playlists or rustic country soundtracks. The tiny, slippery notes are expressly hypnotic and oddly welcoming.