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A musician performs the Elden Ring theme in 15 different styles


The first half of 2022 has already been an exciting time for many gamers as many popular games have hit the market. Among the most successful of these titles is Ring of Elden. As a new game developed by FromSoftware, it introduces players to an open world known as Lands Between while retaining the challenging combat the studio is known for. Following the continued success of Ring of Eldenmany fans showed their love for the title in an interesting way.


Recently, a musician known as Alex Moukala shared a video on social media of a new remix themed around Ring of Elden. However, this was no ordinary rearrangement of a video game song, of which there are many. Instead, the musician challenged himself to perform the theme in an incredible 15 different musical styles. Some of these genres of music included Spanish guitar, reggae, smooth jazz, and orchestral.

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Along with sharing the remix audio, Alex Moukala included a video of himself performing the various parts. Interestingly, he decided to wear unique outfits to match many musical styles seen throughout the video. After completing the project, he revealed that he originally believed the project was “weird” and “would end up being a mess”. However, that seems far from the case, as the music has struck a chord with many gamers.

Since the release of this amazing music video, many members of the Ring of Elden community weighed on performance. Incredibly, the roughly two and a half minute clip has already garnered over 335,000 views on Twitter. Additionally, fans can check out the performances on YouTube. Among the comments, many were impressed by how the artist was able to change his style so frequently. Additionally, others wondered what kind of instrument plugins were used to create the beautiful music.

While this performance was undoubtedly impressive, it is far from the only remix of a classic video game theme arranged by Alex Moukala. He has a YouTube channel which has many more popular game songs for those who want to hear more. For example, it has unique arrangements for classic games like sonic the hedgehog and the Final Fantasy series.

It is undoubtedly impressive to see talented fans of Ring of Elden express their love for the game in new and creative ways. Besides this remix of the main theme, players have made all kinds of creations as a tribute to the latest title developed by FromSoftware. For example, a player recently made animated fan art featuring Maliketh, one of the game’s bosses. As players keep checking Ring of Elden in the days to come, time will tell which creations will be shared with the community next.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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