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5 Ways to Cure the Post-Holiday Blues | Academics


While we are always happy to have a break from the relentless work and stress, we all have to come back to it eventually as students. With this return, something else that still happens is the post-holiday blues.

Here are some ways to acclimate and get back to work after a break filled with opening gifts, sweets, and most likely Netflix series after Netflix series.


Exercise will never be a necessity, but more and more studies have shown that it helps in all aspects of life, especially mentally. When you go for a run and stimulate your body, it releases endorphins. These not only reduce pain, but also give you a sense of well-being.

So whether you’re hitting TRECs or Planet Fitness, or even strolling around campus, you’re sure to feel better in no time. There are activities such as yoga classes, fencing and more. Your exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

Your mind and body will thank you.

New Year’s resolutions

It’s a tradition for some and a corny idea for others, but keeping certain goals in mind can boost your motivation and save you the blues. Having ambitions can help you move forward and keep planning for the future.

When the stress of school and work gets very high, remembering why you started and how far you’ve come can be very beneficial. If you’re too hard on yourself, especially with your blues, think back to all you’ve accomplished and how far you’ll go.

Look at something that isn’t Christmas

Although some people like to listen to sad songs after a breakup, it can make things worse. If you had to break away from Christmas, would you want to listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” over and over again? It probably won’t solve anything.

Instead, watch comfort movies. Even something nostalgic from your childhood on Disney+ would suffice – something that can get you out of the holiday spirit in time to get back to class is all you need. It’s even possible that watching something inspiring or something that makes you want to go to school can also help you focus.

Talk to someone

It’s more common than you might think to have the blues after the holidays. The best thing you can do is to express your feelings and express them openly rather than keeping them locked away.

Although a temporary feeling, they are just as valid as any other emotion. After such a colorful holiday season, who could blame you for feeling glum when January rolls around and there’s plenty of freezing rain and half-melted snow on the ground? That’s a total of 180.

It helps to go through something with someone who can understand you or at least support you through your struggles, regardless of the underlying reasoning.

Try to make an effort to talk to them in person or at the very least give them a call. Sometimes texting can be a barrier to social interaction and can leave mixed signals in the tone of texts.

Get plenty of rest

As a student, sleeping well is not always an easy habit to follow.

There’s enough research out there today to show how getting too little sleep — as well as exercise — can affect your mood. So if you’re feeling glum after the holidays, a good night’s sleep can really help.

Make sure you are in a comfortable environment. Try to keep as little light as possible in your bedroom and do what you can not to be on your phone too often before bed. Some ways to do this would be to read a book or do yoga at bedtime to relax.

Do you have noisy neighbors upstairs? Affordable fans and noise makers are available at places like Walmart and Costco.

Even a hot tea or essential oil diffuser can be great for calming your nerves and telling your body it’s time to relax.

There are many ways to improve your sleep experience. Just make the effort to find them.