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3 questions about Jazz in the rest of the 2022 season


The Utah Jazz, who are currently 29-14 and the third seed in the Western Conference, once again played as one of the best teams in basketball. This has been a recurring occurrence for Utah over the past few seasons as they have consistently been one of the best regular season teams.

Utah’s problem is that once they come out of the regular season, they often suffer in the playoffs. There are a lot of doubts about this club this season, especially if they want to win an NBA championship. Let’s look at the three most pressing questions surrounding Jazz in 2022.

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Jazz Question 2022

3. Who will be paired next to Donovan Mitchell?

The most important question the Jazz will have to answer this season is who will play alongside Donovan Mitchell. They have their own option in Jordan Clarkson, but they could go out and find someone else they think is better right now while keeping Clarkson off the bench.

It’s unclear why Clarkson hasn’t gotten a starting job yet, but if he keeps playing like this, Utah will have to get him started sooner or later. The fact that he hasn’t started yet for this team is concerning, and if they keep waiting, it could end up hurting them in the long run.

The Jazz should have no trouble finding someone to compete with Donovan Mitchell. At this year’s trade deadline, they’ll have a plethora of choices to choose from. They have to figure out what type of player they want to bring back, whether it’s a winger or a guard who can score at the elite level. If they bring back a guard who can score at an elite level, they’ll have plenty of options before the deadline. An elite winger isn’t always easy to find in this league, and getting the trade time will be even harder.

Whoever the Jazz think should partner with Mitchell, they have to make it the first thing they do at the trade deadline this year.

2. What should happen if this team loses again at the start of the playoffs?

This is a difficult topic for Jazz to answer, but it is one that needs to be addressed. If this team doesn’t win the NBA title this season, they can choose to turn things around and take a different path. They have the crucial players they need on their roster, including arguably the best point guard and rim protector in the NBA.

If they don’t win the title this year, they may decide to move a few of their players around and try to bring in role players who can make an immediate impact. The most important thing for the Jazz is to get that second star because every team that has won a championship in the past two decades has always had two players capable of taking control of a game. Donovan Mitchell is the only player on the Jazz roster who can really beat another team in a playoff series right now.

Nothing less than a championship for this Utah team will force them to disband and go down a different path.

1. Is Utah a legitimate title contender?

It would be difficult and unfair to label the Jazz as anything other than a title contender right now. This team is legit regardless of the results of their previous playoff campaigns. If they can squeeze between a few teams, they will win the world championship trophy.

Many people want to downplay the Jazz’s accomplishments as a team, saying they’re not as good as they are. The Jazz have pretty much everything a team could want, but they’re missing that second star. If Utah can come out and get that second star, they’ll be favorites to win the title.

The Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies are some of the toughest teams in the Western Conference, making it tough for this team to win a title this season. The Jazz have a chance to beat all three of these teams, but they’ll have to play their best basketball to get there.

Due to the Jazz not performing to their abilities in the playoffs, this has led to many questions, perhaps most of any NBA team. They have another big shot at winning a championship this year, and if that doesn’t happen, it could be the end of that core Jazz that we’ve seen in recent seasons.

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