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1,000 Musicians Cover Guns N’ Roses Single “Paradise City”


1,000 musicians cover the single

Recently, the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Rock Band”, Rockin’ 1000, covered the hit song “Paradise City” by Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Guns N’ Roses. According to a post on NME, Rockin’1000 performed this rendition of the hit classic at a Paris concert celebrating their band’s 8th anniversary. More than 50,000 people attended this concert, which featured musicians from 25 different countries. A video of this performance is available on Youtube, where it has amassed nearly one hundred thousand views since it was uploaded last week.

Musically, this interpretation of “Paradise City” is amazing to say the least. The cacophony of the drums, the howling notes of hundreds of guitars, and the choir come together amazingly, mimicking the original song in all the right ways while adding their unique elements. All of these components come together to celebrate musicality at its finest and create a cover like no other.

Despite this incredible feat, this isn’t the first time Rockin’1000 has made headlines. In 2015, the band managed to convince The Foo Fighters to play in Cesena, Italy after covering their song “Learn to Fly”. The following year in 2016, Rockin’1000 organized a big concert which covered several well-known artists such as David Bowie, Nirvana and The Beatles.

All in all, this musically impressive rendition of “Paradise City” featuring 1000 musicians from the band Rockin’ 1000 is sure to please fans of the Guns N’ Roses original, while also being a full-scale musical spectacle that looks like nothing else.