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10 funniest musician movie cameos, ranked


Movies have used special cameos for years to surprise viewers and are often used for comedic purposes. These could be simple gags used in movies or memorable scenes that help a movie stand the test of time. These can both ease the tension that builds in a movie and also make audiences laugh at the absurdity of the role.

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There are even several musicians who have moved on to the theater and built solid careers out of it, with names like Ice Cube and Ice-T topping the list. However, there are also many musicians who just showed up for a gag scene and made an appearance as a joke that their fans enjoyed, even though they never showed a hint of talent again. ‘actor.

ten Guns N ‘Roses – Pool of the Dead

Guns n Roses at a funeral at Deadpool.

Most interesting thing about Guns N ‘Roses funny cameo in The pool of the dead was that it was not a comedy and the scene was at a funeral. The pool of the dead is Clint Eastwood’s fifth film Dirty Harry franchise, an action film about a serial killer using the game of dead pool as a motif.

Guns N ‘Roses had just released their revolutionary album, Appetite for destruction when rock musicians appeared on the funeral scene of The pool of the dead. The funeral was for a murdered rock musician played by Jim Carrey early in his career. In a later ridiculously humorous scene, Slash showed up and fired a harpoon gun.

9 ZZ Top – Back to the Future III

ZZ Top performing a song in Back to the Future III.

While Back to the future III is mostly considered the weakest in the trilogy, it still has many fans and has seen Marty McFly return to the Old West. There he ended up seeing a very familiar group in 1885.

Rock icons ZZ Top appeared in the film as a country band at a festival in 1885. What’s funny is that they played an acoustic version of their song “Doubleback” with a group of violins playing as reinforcements while the inhabitants danced. It was a fun time, but not as good as another Back to the future musician cameo from a previous movie.

8 Puce – Le Grand Lebowski

Chip attacking like a nihilist in the Big Lebowski parking lot scene.

One of the Coen Brothers’ most beloved films was the Dark Comedy The great Lebowski. The movie starred Jeff Bridges as a slacker named The Dude who just wanted someone to pay to pee on their favorite carpet. Along the way, he encountered several ridiculous characters, including a group of nihilists.

Among the nihilists was Flea, the bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea was part of the attack on The Dude and his friends and he ended up falling thanks to a perfectly thrown bowling ball in his lower regions. It was a surprising cameo with the perfect punchline. It’s not as funny as the others, but it’s still memorable.

7 Tom Jones – Attacks of Mars

Tom Jones dances in Mars Attacks.

Mars attacks might be Tim Burton’s most over-the-top movie, and that says a lot. In the film, Burton chose to leave his Gothic sensibility behind and just made one of the craziest alien invasion comedies in Hollywood history. It was also full of cameos.

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One of the best was Vegas singer Tom Jones. Jones not only makes an appearance in the film, but he embodies himself. He is first seen at a concert in Vegas, and then later rescues many people by taking them to Lake Tahoe. There, he dances to his own song, “It’s not unusual” with the animals of the area, including a hawk on his arm.

6 Alanis Morissette – Dogma

Alanis Morissette appears outside the church as God in dogma.

The whole plot of Dogma saw two fallen angels trying to bypass a loophole and return to heaven by entering a Catholic church and asking for forgiveness. It would destroy Heaven and destroy Earth. They almost also get away with it because some kids put a God on vacation in the hospital in a coma.

Throughout the film, it is up to a descendant of Christ, Jay and Silent Bob to stop them. The funniest part came at the end when God finally arrived and that was pop singer Alanis Morissette. She started banging someone on the nose, then went to play in the grass while everyone watched in shock.

5 Billy Idol – The Wedding Singer

Billy Idol flirts with a girl in The Wedding Singer.

The best cameos from musicians in movies happen when the person is laughing at themselves. When someone is willing not to take themselves seriously, it can make spectators and fans of musicians laugh. It happened with Billy Idol in The wedding singer.

It makes sense that someone who has a monster hit called “White Wedding” would appear in a movie about a wedding singer. Idol shows up on the same flight where Adam Sandler’s wedding singer sings a song to Drew Barrymore. The punk rocker even prevents the boyfriend from intervening, with Billy Idol almost stealing the movie with his cameo.

4 Huey Lewis – Back to the Future

Huey Lewis complains that the music is too loud in Back to the Future.

Back to the future had what resulted in a perfect musician cameo in the franchise’s first movie. When Marty McFly returned to the time his parents met, he used his skills as a guitarist and his knowledge of popular songs to change the music of the day.

While he was playing Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” at the prom, he played another song and it included a funny appearance by the original musician. Huey Lewis and the News contributed the song “Power of Love” to the film, a song that holds to this day thanks to Back to the future. In the movie, Marty plays this song with his band in the movie and Lewis is the main one telling the band that the song is “too loud”.

3 Michael Jackson – Men in Black II

Michael Jackson presents himself as an alien in Men in Black II.

Michael Jackson was a recluse who rarely came out of his bubble for anything other than concerts, but he proved on stage that he was one of the best performers in the history of music. He also had a sense of humor that didn’t always show up in public.

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He showed it when he made an appearance in Men in Black II. The first movie showed that many famous people around the world were actually aliens and in that movie it turned out that Michael Jackson was an alien who wanted a place on the Men in Black team.

2 Alice Cooper – Wayne’s World

Alice Cooper talks about philosophy in Wayne's World.

One of the funniest musician cameos in the movies came when shock rocker Alice Cooper not only performed a song in the movie, but then played completely against the guy after her gig. In Wayne’s world, Wayne and Garth went to an Alice Cooper concert where he performed “Feed My Frankenstein”.

Wayne and Garth then sneaked backstage and into the room where Cooper and his band were partying after the show. After the two met Alice, the rock star began a long monologue with them that neither of them understood, but immediately bowed and shouted “We are not worthy”. Cooper, an extremely intelligent man, could have played against the guy, but the joke in Wayne’s world is that that’s really how he is in real life.

1 David Bowie – Zoolander

David Bowie judges a walkout at Zoolander.

Ben Stiller had a hit series of funny movies in the 2000s and one of the best was Zoolander. In the movie, Stiller played a model named Derek Zoolander and he ended up going one-on-one with his biggest rival in Owen Wilson’s Hansel.

There have been some fun cameos along the way, including a brilliant scene with Billy Zane playing himself. The late great David Bowie also appeared as himself, as he was the interim judge for the walkout between Zoolander and Hansel. Bowie offered to judge the walk, with an instant freeze frame with his name on screen. It ended with Bowie coming between Stiller’s legs with the decision, “disqualified”, in what was one of the funniest moments in the movie.

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