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Sharing music – Albuquerque Journal

Sharing music – Albuquerque Journal

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Christine Subratie, a native of New Mexico and a student at Belmont University is featured in Belmont University’s PBS National special “Christmas at Belmont,” which airs at 8pm on 20 December. (Courtesy from Christine Subratie)


Nashville, Tennessee, is away from the MorenoValley in NewMexico.

Despite the radical shift in her life, ChristineSubratie took the step and followed her music interest while at BelmontUniversity.

“It was a culture shock,” she says of her relocation to Nashville. “But I knew that it wasn’t part of the plan and needed to stick with it. My name is one of the 2 NewMexico students at the Belmont.

light pointSubratie was recently featured during The Subratie was recently featured in the “Christmas at Belmont” concert, which was produced by Nashville Public Television.

It will air starting at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, December 20 , on New Mexico PBS, channel 5.1.

This concert took place in the 1 700-seat Fisher Center for the Performing Arts located on Belmont’s campus. Belmont campus.

“Christmas in Belmont 2021” has more than 700 Belmont University students singing their popular Christmas songs, traditional carols, and holiday tunes.

“NPT is thrilled to work together with Belmont University to present ‘Christmas at Belmont” to a wide viewers through PBS,” said Becky Magura the President and CEO of NPT.


Belmont University students Belmont University perform for the TV special “Noel A Belmont”. (Sam Simpkins / Belmont University)

The concert will feature 15 musical groups of students comprising BelmontSymphony Orchestra, Jazzmin (vocal jazz group) and Belmont Chorale (traditional choir) singing a variety styles. Students sing an arrangement “Carol of the Bells” which includes a little of a holiday mix songs. Amazing performances in an evening of wonderful music, including a bluegrass version of “It is Christmastime All Over Again” as well as a rendition of gospel that includes “Glory to God/Go Tell It On the Mountain” and a rendition of “!Navidad! by the percussion group with a lot of syncope and verve as well as some musical surprises.

“I perform the transverseflute in the orchestra of the symphony,” says Subratie. “They strive to have as more bands as they can in the school as they can. It’s an excellent chance and they have one guest artist.

The music was always around when Subratie is growing as a child. His father is an accomplished professional musician.

At the time that sixth grade came around she started playing with the orchestra of the school.

In her first school year in Cimarron’s HighSchool she was a member of TheNew Mexico All-StateBand. She graduated in the year 2020.

“I am the only to do this at the school I attended,” the girl says. “I gave up sports to focus on music. After being accepted at Belmont I have chose music education as my specialization. I’d like to pass on to others what I been teach. I am able to be apart of a community that was strong due to music. Now , I’m determined to help others. I had great instructors, and I’d like to express my gratitude to them for inspiring me to think big.

The subratie and her fellow students recorded the show for two full days – beginning at 8a.m. until 11p.m.

“It has been 2 very long time,” she says. “It is also awe-inspiring to watch the process of making an e-show such as this.”

“Christmas at the Belmont” is recorded in the early months of December, with an audience that was only invited with COVID-19 protocol in effect.

“The joy of Christmas is beautifully reflected in a myriad of songs this time of year and I’m looking forward to showcasing the talent of the students before an audience of national television,” said by GregJones who is vice president at Belmont University.